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We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

Guided by the visionary founders Shriman Adinarayanan and Matrushree Smrithi Adinarayanan, Parampara Educational Society was established with the aim of imparting the rich Indian knowledge traditions to children from a young age

Founded under the aegis of Anaadi Foundation, our school strives to take forward the Indian knowledge systems and groom future dharmic leaders of our society.

Our motto is to instill within every child the wisdom and values of Indian culture and philosophy. We believe that a firm grounding in the teachings of our ancestors will shape empowered individuals with a strong moral compass. Our curriculum goes beyond textbooks to incorporate topics like Ayurveda, Yoga, Astronomy, and classical Indian Mathematics & Sciences

Founder & Head of School

Siddha Yogi Adinarayanan
Our Guru, Shriman Adinarayanan, a disciple of Mahavatar Kriya Babaji, employs his deep spiritual experiences and insights to guide numerous individuals on their spiritual journey. His endeavors to democratize sidhha yogic techniques have greatly simplified various processes and lifestyle practices, enabling many individual to have profound spiritual experiences and live a liberated life. Shriman Adinarayanan is a Siddhayogi who has spent more than 250 days in mouna tapasya. After a deep spiritual experience (which he later realised as the experience of Samadhi) during his graduate studies in the US, Siddhayogi Shriman Adinarayanan had a strong desire to return to India to dedicate himself to spirituality and serving the society. To know more visit anaadi.org
Maa Smrithi Rekha Adinarayanan

Shriman Adinarayanan and Matrushree (Ma) Smrithi Adinarayanan are the founding Gurus of Anaadi Foundation. The dampatis belong to the spiritual parampara of Mahavatar Kriya Babaji.  To know more visit anaadi.org

Mr. Varuneshwar

At Parampara Vidyalaya, students not only gain academic knowledge but also life skills that build their character. Our experiential methodology of imparting knowledge through stories, discussions, and hands-on activities makes learning joyful. We emphasize the all-round development of each child’s body, mind, and spirit. Our students blossom into confident individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Manjukeshwar Reddy
Manjukeshwar Reddy combines his academic grounding in Computer Science with a profound spiritual journey, which includes time spent as a Sadhaka in an Ashram. Transitioning from a 2-year stint in IT to focusing on educational and spiritual initiatives, he now serves as a Volunteer Acharya at Anaadi Gurukulam. Manjukeshwar’s diverse interests in Mathematics, life sciences, and Yoga, coupled with his commitment to educating children, align perfectly with Dharma Gurukula’s mission. He plays a pivotal role in fostering holistic development, nurturing young minds to live robustly and in tune with the divine.
Mohan Padamata
Mohan Padamata enriches the Gurukula team with his diverse background, having a Master’s in Computer Applications and a remarkable 12-year journey in the IT sector. His career spans significant contributions to NGOs and a pivotal role in the educational realm as a Principal and Curriculum Consultant. Mohan’s deep-rooted commitment to nurturing young minds in the spirit of Bharatiyata and Indic values resonates with the ethos of Parampara. His varied experiences and fervor are key in molding an enlightened and value-driven future generation.

We focus on balanced growth of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical faculties through a diverse curriculum.


Besides Indian knowledge systems, we provide excellent training in STEM, humanities, sports and co-curricular activities.


When a kid is exposed to content specially structured languages like sanskrit, child recognises patterns.


Our program emphasizes developing strength of character, social consciousness and wisdom along with competencies.

The vision of Dharma Gurukulam is to emerge as a premier institute integrating the traditional gurukula system and contemporary education to nurture young minds. We aspire to develop balanced individuals grounded in Indian sciences and culture with the capabilities to contribute positively to society.
The mission of Dharma Gurukulam is to provide students with a holistic learning environment based on Indian wisdom that enables their overall growth, empowers them to excel academically, and equips them to lead purposeful lives with ethical values.
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