Building Young Minds Rooted in Tradition

Sri Parampara is a gurukulam-based homeschool established by highly qualified academicians to provide a holistic and joyful educational environment for children. Drawing from India’s rich heritage, we blend modern curriculum with traditional wisdom to raise balanced individuals.

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About us

The Path to Self Discovery

Sri Parampara is a one-of-a-kind gurukulam-based homeschool established to nurture young minds rooted in Indian wisdom and equipped for the modern world.

Founded in 2001 by leading academicians Swami Adinarayanan and Dr. Smriti Adinarayanan, the Gurukulam draws from India’s timeless Vedic traditions, reviving gurukula education in a modern avatar. Located amidst natural surroundings in Tamil Nadu, the residential school aims to foster all-round development in children through a personalized and transformational learning experience.

We aim to provide children with a learning experience that is rooted in India’s wisdom while equipping them with skills to excel in the modern world.

Mr. Varuneshwar

Founder of Sri Parampara | IISC AND IIT BOMBAY


Class 1-3

Students begin acquiring linguistic, mathematical, and general knowledge foundations through games, stories, art while learning concentration and observation skills.

Class 4-5

The middle school program builds literacy, numerical proficiency, scientific temper, and analytical abilities through project-based learning on topics spanning Indian sciences to environment.

Class 6-8

Students explore advanced concepts in Vedic mathematics, astronomy, Ayurveda, and Sanskrit literature while honing logical reasoning, critical thinking, and research capabilities.



Environmental Studies

Students learn about nature, ecosystems, and conservation.



Covers arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and problem solving skills


Ithihasa Neeti

Exploring the Rāmāyaṇa & Mahābhārata political treatises.



Covers physics, chemistry, biology, and hands-on experiments.



Key Indian medical concepts from triguṇa and tridoṣa theory to diagnosis principles.



Focuses on Hindu scriptures and ancient Indian texts.



Teaches traditional Indian knowledge systems and sciences.



Practices asanas, pranayama, and meditation for health.


Basic Computer Skills

Introduces students to using computers and technology.



Students analyze patterns of stars, planets using knowledge from Āryabhaṭa’s.

Children choosing the Vijnana stream will get indepth knowledge of various branches of Indian Knowledge Systems based on Sanskrit combined with Open Schooling content to become well-qualified to choose a variety of higher education programs including mainstream education or Indian knowledge systems based pathway.

Day Scholar

Dharma Gurukulam is conveniently located within a 2km radius of Veda Bhavan and Veda Patashala in Ponnal village, ensuring easy access for students pursuing Vedic studies.

We provide dedicated bus services for day scholars from the following locations:
Financial District - 1 hour away
Patancheru - 45 mins
Jubilee Bus Station - 40 mins
Kompally - 30 mins
Kandlakoya - 20 mins
Tumkunta - 15 mins
ORR Shamirpet Exit - 10 mins

Day Scholars Schedule: Students availing our bus service follow scheduled arrival and departure times that align with the Gurukulam's daily routine comprising periods, activities, meals, self-study etc. Detailed schedules shall be provided at the beginning of the academic year.
We also have wardens escorting younger students for a smooth and safe commute. Daily attendance ensures careful oversight of each child's transit to and from the Gurukulam.

Panchakoshiya Shiksha

Dharma Gurukulam's educational framework blends modern and Indic pedagogical methods constantly keeping in mind the development of Panchakoshas. Kosha is a Sanskrit word that means a Sheath or Layer or Covering. It represents those layers or components of the body that cover the Atman.

Why us

An Education That Develops the Head, Heart and Hand

At Sri Parampara, students deepen their connection with India's cultural heritage through Sanskrit, Yoga, Vedic studies and more. Expert Acharyas guide each child in discovering their unique talents and purpose. Blending the best of traditional pedagogies and contemporary learning, we endeavour to create balanced individuals ready to make a meaningful difference


We focus on balanced growth of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical faculties through a diverse curriculum.


Besides Indian knowledge systems, we provide excellent training in STEM, humanities, sports and co-curricular activities.


Its easy for a child to learn a lot of vocabulary. When a kid is exposed to content specially structured languages like sanskrit child not only enhances memory but recognising patterns.


Our program emphasizes developing strength of character, social consciousness and wisdom along with competencies.

Designed to help children realize their potential

Pre-Vocational Subjects

1. Cutting, Tailoring and Dress Making
2. Beauty Culture
3. Food Processing
4. Toy Making
5. Painting
6. Bee Keeping
7. Art and Craft
8. Furniture Making

9. Bamboo Craft
10. Vermicomposting
11. Agriculture
12. Bakery
13. Health and our food
14. Flower Farming
15. Child Care assistance
16. Vocational Skills

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